Is sterling silver safe for my baby to chew on and play with?

Totally! Sterling silver has been used for babies for generations: sterling silver flatware, baby cups, rattles, and teethers. Our jewelry is made from reclaimed and refined sterling silver. Silver is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and non-toxic. It has a unique cooling effect which is perfect for tender baby gums.

How do I care for Sophia Faye Jewelry?

For silver: Dip polishes should be avoided as they contain harsh chemicals. Wash as needed with warm water and gentle soap. Tarnish is a normal reaction when silver is exposed to oxygen, saliva, and other compounds. Tarnish can be prevented by storing silver in the cotton bag it came in when not in use, leaving the anti-tarnish strip enclosed. Avoid applying lotion or perfume while wearing your silver jewelry. If tarnish does occur, we recommend using a Sunshine brand polishing cloth or something similar. Before letting a baby chew on it, rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth. If silver is exposed to saliva or water it can be hand washed with a gentle soap and dried with a clean cloth before it is stored.

For wood: Our wood beads are treated with our signature wood ointment made from local beeswax and organic coconut oil only (available for purchase in our shop). Wooden beads WILL crack if they are not treated regularly- this conditioning helps seal in moisture and makes wood waterproof. You should treat your wood beads every week or any time you wash them. Simply apply a small amount of ointment to wood beads with clean fingers and rub to cover all over. Let sit for 5-10 minutes then wipe excess away with a clean, lint-free cloth. If there is excess ointment on your hands just rub into your skin, it's super moisturizing! Remember, a little goes a long way.

Can I leave any adornments or teethers with my baby unattended?

No! Babies are very creative as we all know, so I do not recommend leaving your child alone with any of our products unless they are over three years of age.

Why give my baby Sophia Faye Jewelry adornments?

Infants have a natural curiosity to put things in their mouths and as teeth begin to come in gums can become sore and tender. Silver is hard and cooling, providing mama and baby with some much needed relief. Many of our products also have moving rattle-like parts which can help build fine motor function in babies. Read more about the benefits of rattles for baby’s development on this blog post. Many of our adornments can be repurposed over time to become a fashionable keepsake for a mom whose baby is done teething and is growing up! Silver is a beautiful, natural material which is a sustainable alternative to plastic toys and teethers.