Metalsmith Mama


Dear beloved readers,

I’ve decided to take this blog in a newish direction! I will still post articles about the importance and history of silver, rattles, etc but I also want to begin including posts that pertain more specifically to my current life stage, that of a new mama. So this is the birth (as it were) of Metalsmith Mama, documenting aspects of my parenting journey that I think could be helpful for other mamas in similar situations. So if you are a parent, a silversmith, an environmentalist, a cloth diaper-er, a dreamer, all or none of the above, join me! I’d love to hear about your experiences and advice, bonus points for hilarious stories about either!

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First a bit about me and my current life sitch: I’m a 31 year old mother to a 5 month old boy, Leandro, with the most glorious rosy cheeks. We permanently live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the South Bronx, NYC but are temporarily staying with my folks in central Massachusetts while Mr. SFJ completes a training course down south. I’m hoping to include tips, tricks, and other fun tidbits about my adventures with kids in the city. I was a nanny before my stay-at-home-mom journey began so I’ve been navigating NYC with kiddos for a few years now. I’m also, obviously, a silversmith specializing in baby and mama adornments.  

I think my first post will be about the baby gear I’ve been using in the city and all the research I’ve done to figure out what would work best for our needs. Follow along and hopefully I can save you some time and effort. Finally, I’d like to think I’m pretty eco-friendly so I’ll also be posting about how to be green in the city (it’s getting easier every year!). I’ll include cloth diapering and what I’ve learned thus far, composting from my wee apartment, and creating as little waste as possible in the kitchen.

Essentially this blog is going to be a Pinterest board of the things I’ve learned and am interested in- a few people have suggested I write it all down and so here we are! One final note dear reader; my husband and I have decided t keep our boy Leandro off social media for the time being so as gorgeous as he is, you won’t be seeing him here. This is our personal choice which we’ve decided is best for our family, I hope you understand. Onwards and upwards!

 I look forward to reading your questions, comments, & camaraderie =)