Why Silver?

I love silver! Not only is it beautiful, long-lasting, and carries its own monetary value, it has a slew of health benefits for little ones. Giving a baby a silver keepsake provides a precious and safe heirloom they can treasure for life.

Silver has been documented as a healing and antibacterial agent by civilizations throughout the world. The Greeks and Romans stored wine and water in silver vessels to prevent spoilage. The Chinese and Druids have records of using silver utensils, and Ayurvedic medicine uses silver in small amounts as a tonic, elixir or rejuvenating agent to fight disease.

Utensils, rattles and jewelry for babies have been used a means of fighting bacteria for thousands of years because of it’s antibacterial nature. Boiling these items in hot water is not necessary since they are already sterile. Instead, a simple wash with soap and water makes silver items very easy to maintain. In addition to being antibacterial, silver is also antimicrobial and can aid in cold and flu prevention, the healing of wounds and skin care. It can actually boost a child’s immune system.

How does it work? Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field, reflecting electromagnetic radiation away from the body which stimulates the body’s natural conductivity, improving blood circulation, body temperature balance, and general well-being. Positively charged silver ions also bind to negatively charged oxygen receptors in bacteria, which is why silver can fight against harmful infection and disease.

Did You Know?

  • All along the American frontier, silver dollars were put in milk to keep it fresh.

  • Silver is connected to the moon, and yin modalities of Chinese philosophy. The color is said to stimulate calmness and tranquility, as it evokes the qualities of reflection, coolness and space. 

  • Silver has the symbol Ag that comes from the word ‘Argentum’ which means gray and shining.

  • Herodotus, the Greek philosopher and historian, wrote about the medicinal uses of silver around 1000 BC